Девушка недели: как из врача превратиться в фитнес-гуру


Жительница Лондона серьезно претендует на звание самого спортивного доктора

В профессиональный фитнес приходят из совершенно разных профессий. История доктора Хейзел Уоллэс не стала исключением. Девушке 26 лет и она не бросила основную профессию, Хейзел также работает в больнице при Университетском колледже Лондона. Однако в сфере фитнеса с недавних пор доктора Хейзел Уоллэс знают гораздо больше людей, чем среди пациентов.

Во время работы в больнице девушка не только начала активно тренироваться, но и завела специальную страничку в Instagram, где стала делиться своими тренировками и полезным питанием. Таким образом, на страничке доктора уже 166 тысяч подписчиков. И возможно это только начало.

Самое удивительное, что девушка проводит огромное количество времени на работе, но при этом успевает тренироваться несколько раз в день, а также регулярно радовать себя и своих поклонников новыми полезными блюдами. Дисциплина Хейзел просто на высшем уровне. У девушки нет каких-то слишком сильных ограничений по питанию, однако следит за своим рационом она очень серьезно. Хейзел пишет и уже готовит к публикации свою книгу о здоровом питании.

Отдельно стоит сказать о рабочем дне девушки. Ее смена длится 12 часов, а иногда доктору и вовсе приходится работать по одиннадцать дней подряд, да еще и по ночам. Остается только удивляться, как девушка умудряется находить время на тренировки и правильное питание, а также регулярно держать себя в идеальной форме. Ее история отличный ответ всем тем, кто сетует на занятость при вопросах о фитнесе и правильном питании.

One of the most asked questions I get, if not THE most asked, is "how do you fit it all in?" and I usually laugh, shrug my shoulders, and answer that I'm just really good with time management, which usually leaves the interviewer very unsatisfied ☺️ But It's true! I've no huge secret that I'm keeping from you guys. I just work hard and manage my time as best I can, however, after juggling two jobs for a year now I've picked up a few "hacks" which help me stay fit and healthy even when seems a little crazy. First things first, I want to say that you are not a unhealthy, or lazy, if you miss a workout, or if you grab a pizza on your way home after a long day. Sometimes life gets in the way, and things may not go plan. In order to be "balanced" we are expected to do it ALL in a day - work, the gym, the grocery shop, mediation, yoga, writing, reading. I find it overwhelming, so I'm sure some of you do to. Frankly, you don't need to do it all in one day. If you can make it to the gym 3 times a week that's incredible, but if you can only squeeze in a home workout that's great too. If you can meditate for 10 minutes in your day then fantastic, but if you can only do it once a week for the moment then that's what you should do. If you can cancel (yes cancel) some of the things on your to-do list that you don't really need to do (like that event you got invited to that you really don't want to go to, or to finish that book that you're really not enjoying) then I urge you to do that too. If you are struggling to fit fitness into your day, I've shared some tips in my latest blog post. Find it on www.thefoodmedic.co.uk ? Wearing: @reebokwomenuk #hazelwallace #thefoodmedic #thefoodmedicbook

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"How are you so happy all of the time?", "How do you stay so positive", "How do you have enough energy to do everything you do?" ??‍♀️ I get asked these questions ALL the time. I can honestly say that I love my life ?I'm very happy, but I haven't always been. I know what it's like to not want to get out of bed in the morning, to not want to go out and socialise, to not want to eat or even wash my hair. I've been there, but I've come out the other side a stronger person. I'm really grateful for my health, one of the reasons I've dedicated my life to helping others regain their health, and I celebrate that everyday! I changed my career path so that I could fulfil my dreams. I did what they said couldn't be done. I'm now a doctor, a personal trainer, a public speaker, an author, a blogger, and an entrepreneur. I'm living my dream.. BUT don't get me wrong I have bad days, like really bad days. I mean my job is really rewarding but it is also very stressful, exhausting, and often times, heartbreaking. The thing is, that's life. We all have bad days despite where we live in the world, or what our job is, or how much money we have - hell even Beyoncé has bad days ??It's how you chose to react to those days that decides how you're going to feel. You can allow it to annoy or upset you, make you angry and ruin your day, or you can try to accept that it happened, look for a solution, or take a deep breath and move on. The only environment we have control of is our internal one, so make that one a happy place ? ? @jonpaynephoto #hazelwallace #thefoodmedic

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Why do we find it so hard to accept compliments? Most of us blush, look away, laugh awkwardly, or deny the comment. I know that used to be me! Now I say THANK YOU ?After years of self scrutiny, I'm willing to accept my body. I don't know if I will ever say that my body is 100% perfect, I doubt that many people could ever say that? But I accept it and I love it. I love it for running me up and down the stairs on a busy shift, I love it for the strength it provides me in the gym, I love it for learning to cope when I push it through travel and time zones, I love it for making me feel fit and strong, but I love it the most for all the scars and the stories they tell - the scar from my hernia repair as a kid, the stretch marks on my legs from when I took my growth spurt (albeit minimal!), the tattoos on my skin which I've collected over the years, the scars and bumps on my shins from deadlifts and box jumps gone wrong, the mark under my lip from my piercing as a teen, and the two freckles on my left cheek, which I used to cover up and now embrace! ? After a series of heartbreaking events recently and almost a loss of faith in the humanity and kindness of others, how about we show a little bit of love to someone we care about today? ❤️? Tag one of your friends, your partner, or your parent, and tell them something you love about them, and ask them to do the same for you! ? Photo: @jonpaynephoto, ?Swimswuit @sweatybetty #thefoodmedic #hazelwallace #thefoodmedicbook

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